Sunday, September 16, 2007

My very own page!

Name: Blackie, AKA Esmerelda, Meatball, or Fat Stupid

Who I am: I am a gloriously fat & fluffy bundle of goodness. I’m also told that I am a 7 year old tortoiseshell & white domestic short hair, but I only know what a few of those words mean.

About me: I’m the sweetest kitty I’ve ever met. And humble, too. I want to sit somewhere where I can touch you, so that I can give you a good bath when you need it. And you always need it. I may need to hold you down with my pointy teeth while I clean you, but it’s for your own good. I’m terrified of thunder and other loud noises, and I hate Alfie, the white kitty from downstairs who makes it hard for me to live. I have no interest in ever leaving the second floor of my house, so don’t even ask. If you come up to visit me, though, I’ll show you my gi-normous white belly, whether you want to see it or not.

Activities: Napping, eating, lounging, snacking, sleeping, munching, playing possum. The rest of the time, I just kick back and relax.

Favorite furniture: The bed, and the ottoman in the loft. But I’ll sit wherever you are, as long as it’s upstairs.

Favorite treat: Whiskas Temptations, yogurt, cereal milk, corn chips, potato chips, cheese. I’m a fat load.

Enemies: Those nasty, rotten cats that live downstairs, particularly the white one. He thinks he can just come up here whenever he wants. Rude! Whenever I see him, I have to shoot hate rays out of my eyes at him.

Here's my slideshow: